Department Faculties

The college of Agriculture, Dhule is established in the year 1960 to impart education in Agriculture to undergraduate students. The department of Agronomy is entrusted with the responsibility of imparting instructions in the discipline of Agronomy. Accordingly the teaching programme is followed as per the collegiate programme of the university. Besides, the department is also responsible for conduct of research in the discipline of Agronomy on various crops and important technologies. The research programme is carried out as per the approved technical programme from Head Department of Agronomy, M.P.K.V. Rahuri.

College Farm


The college of agriculture, Dhule is located in the scarcity Zone at 200.4’ N latitude and 740 E Longitude with 258 meter altitude. The farm is located on estern side of Dhule city on crossing of Dhule- Nagpur National Highway No.6 and National Hiway No. 3 Mumbai Agra Road, thus, dividing the college farm in to four parts. Now the college farm is within the Dhule Municipal Corporation area.


 The College has the total land of 242.73 hectares of which 101.82 hectares is under cultivation with Agronomy section and 36.30 hectares with ARS and Agril. School Dhule. (As per 7/12). This land is mainly used for educational, research, seed production and seed multiplication programmes. The remaining area of 62.26 ha is under buildings, roads, playground etc.

The soil series are tentatively recognized from the soil survey of College Farm and Agril. Research station, Dhule. About 145.2 ha area falls under dual series characterized by very deep, calcareous, silty clay loam, moderately well drained, dark brown to very dark brown colour. While rest falls under vani series (order—vertisol), which are very deep, calcareous, clayey, moderately drained, cracks developed over weathered basalt. As per land use capability classes, the soils of the farm come under Class I (About 40 %) and Class II (About 60 %). As regards the fertility status, the soils are generally low to medium in nitrogen, medium in phosphorus and high in potash content (map enclosed along with textural classes of farm soils). 

The total farm of this college is divided in to eight different divisions as A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H. These divisions are again divided in to plots and subplots.

 A lift has been installed on Panzra river during 04.12.1981 having discharge capacity of 4.5 cusec (7246 LPM) with a command area of 142 ha. About 35 to 40 ha is irrigated with available water.