Infrastructure facilities and development of teaching aids

  1. Prepared photo laminations (125 No.) of improved varieties of fruit, vegetables & flowers, medicinal, aromatic and plantation crops and displayed in laboratories of section for easy understanding of students.
  2. Prepared 5 digital laminated blow up boards of different leading varieties of horticultural crops.
  3. Prepared four glass door showcases for display of fruit and vegetable models & two notice boards.
  4. Developed Seminar hall with furniture and all advanced teaching aids for PG programme including Interactive Classroom Solutions and K-Yan computers.
  5. Upgraded state of art facilities of different audio-video aids i.e. OHP, Computer with printer and scanner for LCD presentation during the lecture and practical classes in students’ academy.
  6. Prepared practical manuals for all eight subjects of horticulture discipline by adding advanced information in the text.
  7. Renovated and upgraded post graduate laboratory with advanced equipments and teaching aids.
  8. Purchased various advanced equipments/machinery required in Post Harvest Technology Laboratory in Horticulture Section, College of Agriculture, Dhule.