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From Desk of Associate Dean

Agriculture has been the mainstay of Indian economy since ages. The science and art of agriculture has many references in the Vedic literature and the ancient history of the mankind. The agriculture sector in India provides livelihood to about 52% of the population of the country and contributes about 15% to the Gross Domestic Product Trained human resource has been the key factor behind the Green Revolution, White Revolution, Yellow Revolution that has led India to become self-reliant in food and becoming a fast developing economy. Knowledge based, input-use efficient, eco-friendly, and high tech precision agriculture has been the next stage for which efforts have been directed by Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) and Agricultural Universities (SAU) in planning, designing and executing the national agricultural educational programmes.

Dr. B. M. Ilhe

Associate Dean

The college of Agriculture, Dhule is established in the year 1960 to impart education in Agriculture to undergraduate students.


The college of agriculture, Dhule is located in the scarcity Zone at 200.4’ N latitude and 740 E Longitude with 258 meter altitude. The farm is located on eastern side of Dhule city on crossing of Dhule- Nagpur National Highway No.6 and National Highway No. 3 Mumbai Agra Road, thus, dividing the college farm in to four parts. Now the college farm is within the Dhule Municipal Corporation area.

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