Agricultural Engineering


Agricultural Engineering Section of College of Agriculture, Dhule is established in 1962. Agricultural Engineering comprises of various branches viz. Farm Power and Machinery, Soil and Water Conservation Engineering, Irrigation and Drainage Engineering, Renewable Energy Sources and Agricultural Process Engineering. Basically, Agricultural Engineering Section involved in teaching of various subjects of Agricultural Engineering discipline to B.Sc. (Agri.) and M.Sc.(Agri.) students of this college. At present this section has developed all the facilities required for teaching of all Agril. Engineering Courses.

This section also has well established seed processing plant for processing of the seeds of this region. Seed processing plant is in operation for processing seed produced on farm of various Departments, Research Stations, KVK’s and private entrepreneurs, if any, from DHULE REGION of University, through Revolving fund provided by SEED CELL, Directorate of Research, MPKV Rahuri. This section is also looking after management of estate, workshop, ARIS cell, repairs, maintenance and management of vehicles of this college. Seed processing unit established in the year 1995-96 for processing of seeds of this region & teaching of the courses related to Agril Process Engineering. Micro Irrigation Project was designed & installed on 72 ha. Area of AC. Dhule in 2009-10.

This section has published booklets and leaflets and practical manuals on various Agril. Engg. Topics.

Booklets published

  1. Methods and advantages of drip irrigation
  2. Use and maintenance of modern farm implements
  3. National environment awareness campaign (2014-15) Preventive measures for soil erosion
  4. Watershed area development programmes

Leaflets published

  1. Modern farm implements
  2. Watershed area development
  3. Care and maintenance of drip irrigation system

Practical manuals published

  1. Renewable energy and green technology
  2. Disaster management
  3. Protected cultivation and post harvest technology
  4. Farm power and machinery
  5. Fundamentals of soil and water conservation engineering

Extension Activity

The faculty of this section is regularly publishing popular / scientific / technical / research articles through newspapers / magazines / journals.

Numbers of Publications:
a) Research 15
b) Technical 17
c) Extension 15
d) Books :
National/University Publication 04
International Publication 02
e) Booklets 03
f) Leaflets/folders 03
g) Radio Talks 01
h) Training organized 07
i) Other training recourse person 07

Seminar / workshops / conferences attended

The faculty of this section is regularly attending the Seminar / workshops / conferences. The faculty attended more than 10 National and international conferences during last five years.


Besides teaching, research and extension activities, following are the other activities carried out by this department.


This department carries out the regular management, maintenance and repairs of college vehicles such car, Mini Bus, Jeep etc.,

Seed Processing Plant

The seed processing plant at this campus was established in the year 1995-96 for processing of the seeds of this region and for teaching of the various courses related to Agril Process Engineering. The various seeds i.e. breeders seed, foundation seed, certified seed and truthful seeds produced by the research stations, college farm and private cultivators is processed and supplied to other departments/ farmers/ state seed corporation. During year 06-07, Seed Grader Model Seed Master is purchased to improve the efficiency of the plant.

Estate Maintenance and new Construction

The repairs and maintenance of civil and electrical works of the office buildings, quarters, hostel, guesthouse etc. carries out by this department. This department also performs the supervision of new construction works. The section has supervised construction of Examination hall cum Auditorium, extension of Library building recently. The renovation works of laboratories, of different sections, work of drainage line, Quarters, Hostels etc is going on.

Water Resource Development activities

Staff members of this section had carried out the detail survey of the farm to develop water resources by considering the old resources. The section was involved in activities of development of water resources since inception of the College of Agriculture, Dhule.

  1. Panzara lift
  2. Deepening widening of existing well
  3. Providing farm ponds and Vanarai Bandhara
  4. Providing Micro irrigation systems
  5. KVK farm pond and micro irrigation systems


UG Courses

a) Even Semester
Sr. No. Course No. Course title Credits
1 ENGG 121 (New) Soil Water Conservation Engg 1+1=2
2 ENGG 243 (New) Renewable Energy & Green Technology 1+1=2
3 ENGG 364 (New) Protected Cultivation & Secondary Agriculture 1+1=2
5 ENGG 364 (Old) Protected Cultivation & Post Harvest Technology 1+1=2
6 EL AGRO 4813 (Assoc. Dept) Seed Production of Field Crops & Processing 0+20=20
7 ELP ENGG (New) Natural Resource Management 0+10=10
8 SRP-401 (ENGG) SMS  
Total 4+4=8

b) Odd Semester
Sr. No. Course No. Course title Credits
1 COMP- 231 (New) Agri-informatics (Common course) 1+1=2
2 ENGG-232 (New) Farm Machinery & Power 1+1=2
3 SRP-401 (ENGG) SMS  
4 RAWE (New) Programme Officer (PO)   
Total 2+2=4

PG Courses

Sr. No. Course No. Course title Credits
1 PGS-506 Disaster Management 1+0=1
Total 1+0=1


Name of Faculty Dr. Sonawane Somnath Pralhad
Mobile No. 09421610791
Email ID
Designation Professor of Agricultural Process Engineering Agricultural Engineering Section, College of Agriculture, DHULE – 424 004
Qualification PhD (Agril. Engg.) in Processing and Food Engineering
Publication ( Only nos )
Scientific 30
Technical 10
Extension 15
Books 02
Any other info (very specific)
Radio Talk 06
TV Talk 02
(Teaching, Research & Extension)
More than 22 years

Name of Faculty Dr. Rakhi Vilas Meshram
Mobile No. 7767840727
Email ID
Designation Assistant Professor of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering, Agricultural Engineering Section, College of Agriculture, DHULE – 424 004
Qualification Ph. D. in Irrigation and Drainage Engineering (Agril. Engineering)
Area of specialization Irrigation and Drainage Engineering
Publication ( Only nos )
Scientific 10
Technical 2
Extension -
Books -
Any other info (very specific)
International/ National Conferences attended 07
Popular Articles 10
Quality Manual 02
Training Attended 04

Faculty Position

Post Sanctioned Filled Post Vacant Remark
1.Professor 1 1 -  
2.Associate Professor 2 1 1 Service of an Assoc. Professor was pooled to Dr ASCAET, Rahuri
3.Assistant Professor 4 4 - Services of two Asstt. Professors were pooled to Dr ASCAET, Rahuri & one post pooled to CoA, Muktainagar
4. Agricultural Assistant 2 2 - One Asstt. for Section & another Asstt. looks after day today activities of Seed Processing Plant
5.Peon 2 1 1  
6.Labour 1 1 -  
Total 12 10 2  

Reserch Activity

  1. The academic staff members of this section are engaged with PG research programme (M.Sc. Agril.)/M.Tech.(Agril Engg) / PhD (Agril. Engg.) for guiding the related Agril Engg Subjects or his / her respective discipline of Agril. Engg.
  2. The research trials were conducted on topics like effect of plastic mulching on soil moisture and yield of vegetables effectiveness of poly film lining material to farm pond, utilization of inter space between CCT’s by different land use systems.
  3. Short term research experiments were conducted by concerned staff members of the section on Micro Irrigation and Rainfall Erosivity Index.
  4. Research experiments were and will be conducted by concerned staff members of the section on Agricultural processing and post harvest technology.
  5. Product/Quality Testing:
    Product testing of Agril. Implements under farm mechanization scheme implemented by Z. P. of Dhule, Jalgaon, Nandurbar & Nasik districts of Dhule Region were carried out by staff members of Department.