Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry


The Soil Science and Agril. Chemistry Department was started in the year 1960 on the establishment of College of Agriculture, Dhule. Initially, this department has two laboratories and two rooms. In the year 1972, the present building for the department of Soil Science and Agril. Chemistry was constructed and the department was shifted to the present place. The development programme for this department was started since 1972 and still it is carried out from time to time. At present the department of Soil Science and Agril. Chemistry of this college is well developed and well equipped enough so that, it is possible for this section to run P.G. Programme / courses. For P.G. research programme, the purchase of some instruments/ equipments and improvement of infrastructure is in progress.


  1. To provide UG/PG teaching and human recourses.
  2. To carry out research on applied aspects of the physical, chemical and biological properties of soils.
  3. Improvement and maintenance of soil fertility for sustained agriculture production
  4. Utilization of organic residues for improving soil health.

Important Activities

  1. UG and PG teaching
  2. Soil, plant, manure and irrigation water analysis services to the farmers and other agencies.


Awards Organization which gave the award Purpose
1 The Mosaic Company Foundation (USA) Award 2015-16 The Mosaic Company Foundation, USA For Outstanding Doctoral Research in the area of Plant Nutrition in India
2 Jindal Jubilee Gold Medal M/s. Jindal Trust, Bangalore For securing highest marks in the aggregate in the final year M.Sc. (Agri.) in Soil Science during the year 1999
3 Vasantdada Patil memorial first prize Deccan Sugar Technologist Asso. (DSTA), Pune For the best research paper in agriculture presented during 53rd Annual Convention of DSTA, 2004.
4 Best Paper Presentation Award Dapoli Chapter of Indian Society of Soil Science Best paper presentation on “Standardization of Micronutrients for Banana” in 2016
5 Baliraja : Late Dr. D.G. Kulkarni award Baliraja Magazene, Pune (M.S.) For best popular article on ‘Importance of preseasonal sugarcane’ in 2001
6 Baliraja : Late Dr. D.G. Kulkarni award Baliraja Magazene, Pune (M.S.) For best marathi article on ‘Pocket application - new technique of fertilizer application for sugarcane’ in 2002
7 Baliraja : Dr. V. B. Rahudkar award Baliraja Magazene, Pune (M.S.) For best marathi booklet on ‘Advanced technique of sugarcane ratoon management’ in 2004
8 Baliraja : Late Dr. D.G. Kulkarni award Baliraja Magazene, Pune (M.S.) For best popular article on ‘Integrated nutrient management for sugarcane’ in 2005
Fellowship / Scolorship
9 PPIC Fellowship Potash and Phosphate Institute of Canada, India Programme, Gurgaon (Haryana) Prosecuting post graduate studies on potassium based on merit in Soil Science during 1998-99
10 Merit Scholarship M.P.K.V., Rahuri University merit scholarship for under graduate studies during 1993 to 1997


Information regarding sectional publications such as booklet/leaflet/folders/books etc. with title author etc.

Sr. No. Course No. Course title MPKV Pub No. Authors
1 SSAC-486 Soil and Water Clinic 18/2013 Dr. R.B. Nazirkar, Dr. Ritu Thakare, Dr. R.D. Chaudhari
2 SOILS-503 Soil Chemistry 157/2017 Dr. Ritu Thakare, Dr.T.D. Pati
3 SOILS-513 Management of Problematic Soils and Water 158/2017 Dr. Ritu Thakare, Dr.T.D. Pati
4 SSAC-111 Fundamentals of Soil Science 185/2018 Dr. Ritu Thakare, Dr. R.D. Chaudhari, Dr. R.B. Nazirkar, Dr. V.P. Bhalerao
5 SSAC-242 Problematic Soils and their Management 251/2019 Dr. V.P. Bhalerao, Dr. Ritu Thakare
6 BIOCHEM-231 Fundamentals of Plant Biochemistry and Biotechnology 252/2019 Dr. Ritu Thakare, Dr. V.P. Bhalerao
7 PGS-504 Basic Concepts in Laboratory Techniques 253/2019 Dr. V.P. Bhalerao, Dr. Ritu Thakare


Name of Faculty Dr. Bhimrao M. Kamble
Mobile No. 8275376948
Email ID
Designation Associate Professor
Qualification M.Sc (Agri.) Ph.D. (Soil Science and Agril. Chemistry)

Name of Faculty Dr. Vikrant P. Bhalerao
Mobile No. 8830122042
Email ID
Designation Assistant Professor of Soil Science and Agril. Chemistry
Qualification M.Sc. (Agri.) Ph.D. (Soil Science and Agril. Chemistry), NET
Publication ( Only nos )
Scientific 31
Technical 61
Extension 142
Books / Booklets (Marathi) 6
Folders (Marathi) 13
Radio Talk 8
TV programme 2
Varieties developed 1
Ad-hoc Projects handeled 6
Product Testing Projects 11
Any other information Awards

Faculty Position

Sanctioned post – 06 (Professor -1, Asso. Prof -2, Asstt. Prof -3)
Working – 02 (Asso. Prof-1, Asstt. Prof-1)